sleepingegg For too many years flavor engineers, amateur cooks, and trained chefs have concentrated their efforts on adding extra pops of taste to our lunch and dinner proteins. It was inevitable┬áthat one day a taste savior would emerge. A courageous and distinguished personality would step through the fog of boring ole breakfast to shine a light on the protein that most typically shapes our first – and most important meal of day. No longer will the wonderful egg be held to the confines of salt and pepper. No longer will we stand over a stove top and produce the same bland flavors. It is time for a flavor change. Time to follow this Egg’s lead and spice up not only our breakfast but our lives.

Dry Rubs and Seasonings for Breakfast

Gourmegg Seasonings are specifically designed for breakfast eggs. Each of our recipes follow our one egg – one pinch mantra. You just add one pinch of our spices for every egg you cook and you will have a beautifully seasoned egg breakfast. The idea is to make each meal memorable with a variety of overwhelming delicious tastes.


Classy Classic

Nothing beats a classic. Just the right hint of herbs, salts, and peppers come together to make our Classy Classic blend. Its taste powers set the standard for the rest of flavors and the Classic is engineered so that no human can resist its allure. Classy Classic >>


Charming Curry

We combine the perfect ratio of coriander, turmeric, cumin and add our special touches of auxiliary flavors to create a one of a kind curry taste especially for your eggs. Charming Curry >>


Sophisticated Spicy Southwest

Get up early and open your eyes wide. Consuming our devilishly delectable spicy southwestern seasoning will subtly jolt you into your day. The ever so slightly smoked flavor take your eggs to unconscionably heights. Spicy Southwest >>


Gracefully Greek

We take the impactful flavors of the Greek Isles and generously twist them into a wonderfully understated mix that gives you a reason to get out of bed. Gracefully Greek >>